Presentation English


       It was in 2010, for the priestly ordination of a dear friend, that I decided to create for the first time a model of a pall. I shall not have imagined while this present would entail other orders… The priests, the parishioners, the lovers of the Sacred – Heart and the collectors became my sponsors and my inspirers. Their enthusiasm in front of every new creation urges me to continue to create ceaselessly!

          Graduate of history of arts and textiles, I was trained in the secrets of the art of embroidery in Paris, in the world of the french Haute Couture. Enthusiast of former materials and liturgical art, I was so able to reconcile my love of the beautiful things and my faith in the creation of the liturgical palls which are proposed to you today.

           Through these few palls I hope to propose a sacred art which honors God and celebrates the beauty of the Creation. Thank you for your support !


 Version française