About our palls

     Version française

       « Les pales JEANNE PERLIER » are quite embroidered and handmade, in a traditional way, with top-quality french or european materials. The textile, generally of silk, as well as the galloon, can vary according to the availability of materials and renewal of our stocks.

Dos d'une pale montée à la main

Every pall is covered with a pure linen, embroidered with a small red cross in its center.

Usage de la pale durant la sainte messe
(photo Icrsp)

   These palls are intended for the liturgical use, it is thus advisable to the priests to bless them before their first use. Without this blessing, they do not present sacred character, and can be use for exhibition of works of art. For the collectors, the embroidery or the complete pale can be framed, like a holy picture or a work of art .

Sacre-coeur JEANNE PERLIERThe 2016 collection of liturgical palls honour the Sacred – Heart. For any particular request, do not hesitate to contact JEANNE PERLIER.

All these palls are the creations of JEANNE PERLIER, executed according to an original drawing or inspired by an old model. These models are protected.